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About Willoughby Coal and Supply

 Willoughby Coal & Supply has been providing supplies for the sewer and masonry industries of North East Ohio since 1955. 

 The coal stockroom made the cut for one of the most haunted places in the book, “America’s Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places.”  

 The hauntings on the property can be traced back decades, including spirits left over from as early as the Civil War era, as well as a few from more modern times. In 1947, owner Don Norris was found dead, battered and broken, lying in a pool of blood at the front door of Willoughby Coal. His death was ruled an accident, but many believe that foul play was involved. Norris' restless spirit is one of many ghosts that haunt this historic building. Another man known as Zip, who died inside the building, still haunts the first floor and stockroom, keeping a watchful eye out on a secret treasure believed to be hidden behind the walls. Other spirits include a beloved dog who refuses to abandon his master, even after death, and an elusive shadow figure that menacingly taunts those who dare confront it on the second floor. 

Our Investigation

The Investigation

The employees speak freely of the hauntings at the company, stating that it is good for business.

We found that the main cause of the hauntings is the former owner, Don Norris, who died under mysterious circumstances.  Some say he was pushed from an upper window, some say it was a suicide.

There is also the spirit of a little girl, a dog and several other unidentified spirits.

David managed to capture several apparitions in the basement area.  

While he was upstairs, he felt as if he was being watched, and felt as if he was being suffocated.  We did not know this at the time, but one of the employees confirmed that many visitors there have experienced the same thing.

Many passersby have also stated they have seen the spirit of Mr. Norris looking out the windows in the early morning hours when no one is around.  

Is it worth a trip if you are ever in Willoughy, Ohio?  Most definitely.

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Willoughby Coal and Supply


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