Mount Rest Cemetery

The Cemetery

Located in St. Johns, Michigan, this large, well-maintained cemetery is a sight to behold!  There is on huge mausoleum on the extensive property, as we as several smaller ones.  

The older section of the cemetery has a certain feel to it.  You never feel quite alone there.

When David and I (Wanda) visited, we recorded some EVPs.  The spirits are definitely friendly and there is no cause to be frightened of your visit there!

The Investigation

EVP Findings

During our live feed, some of our viewers spotted an apparition dressed in orange run quickly past Wanda.  

David began his EVP session and in the older part of the cemetery recorded several spirits.  Some said hello. Many of them were speaking at the same time.  One lady came through and clearly asked "Can you help me?" 

Van Gorder Mansion

About the Mansion

The Van Gorder Mansion was once the prominent home of the Van Gorders, who were owners of a pharmaceutical company.  After Mr. Van Gorder passed, his wife moved into the carriage house located in the back.

The Mansion stood empty for many years, and before the time it became a nursing home, had passed through a few owners.

Located in WIlloughby, Ohio, it is now a privately owned nursing home.

There are stories of people driving by, witnessing former residents who have now passed, sitting on the front porch.  Several workers there have stated that they have had strange experiences such as hearing footsteps when no one was around, call lights going off in empty rooms and catching glimpses of someone rushing by them, only to turn around and find no one.

Some of the residents have claimed that they see and hear people long passed, in their private rooms.

Indian Museum

About the Museum

The INdian Museum, formerly located in Willoughby ohio, now located in Mentor, Ohio, houses artifacts from the paleolithic to early 1800s era.  These artifacts belonged to the Native Americans who inhabited the Chagrin Valley.

There are several hauntings associated with this building, and the artifacts contained within.  The best known is the whale carving, which seems to move on its own accord.  Visitors to the museum have held this relic, and claimed they felt strong vibrations coming from it.  It has moved around, seemingly where it pleases, in the case it is contained in.

There is also a Kachina Doll that likes to turn and face the other dolls in the display it is housed in.  

There is a beautiful drum on display, which used to drum by itself.  That stopped when a Native American came in, explained that the drum was sleeping and needed to be covered.  A hand made blanket was placed upon that drum, and the sounds ceased.  However when it is uncovered, it will begin to drum again.