What are EVPs?

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 Electronic Voice Phenomena are recorded noises or Intelligible words that resemble speech; they are recorded on recording devices, and heard through the white noise, they are not the result of intentional voice recordings or audio renderings. These recordings are believed to be the voices of spirits communicating with the living.

Classes of EVPs


Class A - This type of EVP is loud, clear and of very high quality. The voice is easily understandable and does not need enhancement or amplification. Class A EVPs are also often (but not always) in direct response to a question being asked.

Class B - This is the most common type of EVP. This type of EVP is of somewhat lower quality and clarity than a Class A EVP but still very audible. Class B EVPs often do need some amount of enhancement or amplification to be heard clearer. The voice may not be clear enough to be totally understood or there may be disagreement as to what it is saying. Class B EVPs are often not in direct response to a question.

Class C - This is the lowest quality EVP. With a Class C EVP even the best enhancement and amplification may not be sufficient to make the voice audible or clear. There may even be debate whether or not an EVP is actually present.

Some paranormal investigators go further:

Class D - Occasionally referred to as Class R. There are very poor quality EVPs. Extremely questionable if it even is an EVP. Also referred to as EVP chatter, whispers, breathing noises and airy sounds. Some investigators use Class D as a "holding" classification until further analysis is performed. Either way, Class D EVPs are not used presentable as evidence.

Class G - Also known as the "garbage" because EVPs of such low quality that need extreme enhancement, filtering, etc. are probably not real EVPs. Even if later validated, with such extreme enhancement the reliability of the EVP is highly questionable. In other words, if you have to try that hard to make a sound an EVP then it probably isn't so.

Recording Equipment

Any type of equipment that can take audio recordings can be used to generate an EVP.  However, it is usually best to use higher-end equipment.

How to record an evp


If you're going to use a cassette recorder I would also suggest that you use an external microphone, as the microphones that are built into these devices could pick up the internal sounds of the mechanism itself and lead to some false positive EVP. It is also advisable to use a new tape, fresh out of the box, each time you do any EVP recordings. The use of an old tape, even though it may have been erased may have some residual sounds still imprinted on it. This could also lend itself to sounds that may seem paranormal when they are nothing more than remnant sounds.

Many paranormal researchers prefer to use the digital voice recorder. I also prefer the digital voice recorder because of its ease of use and also because it is extremely easy to transfer your audio files to a computer for analysis. There are differences of opinion in the paranormal community as to the best type of digital voice recorder to use. Some researchers feel that you should purchase the best recorder you can afford and set the quality of the recorder to the highest possible, and by doing this you filter a lot of the background noise, hiss and static. But on the other hand there are those who feel just the opposite. That the lesser expensive models of recorders that don't filter this background noise are better because it is the background noise that the entities can manipulate to create the EVP itself. My advice would be to experiment and find what works best for you, not only in your desire to capture credible EVP but also what your budget allows.


I feel, that the very first thing you should do is to relax and get in the mood to record, clear your mind of any negative thoughts and try to select a time of day when any external noises would be at a minimum. My Wiccan wife and friends suggest that imaginary circle be drawn around yourself and any other participants for protection from any negative energies. Once you have started recording, ask simple questions, such as. What is your name? What year is it? Can you see me? If your trying to contact a deceased loved one, you might ask, how they are they doing, are they happy, do they have any messages etc. Ask what comes to your heart. Give any ghosts or entities time between each question to respond. Most paranormal researchers believe it takes a lot of energy for a entity to respond, so give them adequate time.

My personal opinion would be not to communicate with any negative or angry entities. And if you do receive any EVP from a negative entity I would suggest that you delete it immediately, especially if the communication contains any vulgarity or threats. Only communicate with those entites or ghosts that are eager to communicate with you, be respectful of them. Don't forget, that they were once a living person and deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect you would show to a living person.

 Knowing exactly how to record EVP in a particular instance is a bit tricky. The wondrous and mystical sounds drift in from all angles—they don’t need quiet. But your recording needs some quiet—you never know when background noise that comes up will jump right on a whisper from a ghost and obscure it, etc. 


It’s been proven that EVP voices do respond to questions. Some investigators ask if there are spirits nearby, if they have anything they’d like to say to the world, etc. In fact, if you’re with someone else, it’s OK to make a few comments from time to time.

Just leave nice pockets of silence to record EVP voices that may come up. Many investigators have observed that spirit voices actually respond to comments made by people.


In your process of learning how to record EVP, give yourself time for playback after each session. The best method for doing this is with good quality headphones. The best type to get are the “can” type that cover the ears, usually with plastic or metal bands going up over the head.

These cancel outside noise the best, creating an environment in which you can hone in on the sounds nicely. It’s absolutely crucial that you not hear anything that is going on around you that is listening.

Also, only headphones can allow you to truly separate ambient noise in the recording from actual EVP. There’s a very good chance that your recording will pick up the spare bird chirp, hammer ring, engine rumble, etc.  There’s a good chance you didn’t even hear these when they were happening.


If you have voices on the recording, these are quite clear as EVP. However, other sounds like moans or hums might be harder to interpret.  Some of these may, upon closer examination, turn out to be words, phrases, or intelligible communication of some kind.

One thing that will help you after you’ve followed the previous steps of how to record EVP is to have other people listen to it.  Choose people you trust. Talk about what you’ve found.  Don’t be too eager to find certain things when you're learning how to record EVP.

Try to get into a situation in which both you and your second opinion person are in agreement about a particular recorded sound.


Either electronically or on a sheet of paper, another step in how to record EVP is to keep a log of what you’ve found. Write down the point in time of the recording at which you heard a particular voice or sound of some kind, with a brief identification of that sound.

After you have some library of recorded EVP, you can be in a good place to get a sense of what they might add up to. You now know how to properly record EVP, so using the correctly-recording things you’ve collected, you can now analyze them.

You’ve already shared some of the recordings with some trusted friends.  Once you’ve downloaded the recordings you can share them online if you’d like. But, share or not, you know how to record EVP, and this will make your process of discovery more meaningful and explicit.



  1. Work at night. Capturing EVP is not only more fun at night, but it’s also easier, especially when you’re first learning how to record EVP. This is because it’s quieter so it’s easier to tell what’s EVP and what is just outside noise.
  2. Set it down. You can stay in the room with your recorder but place the recorder on something stable. This prevents false EVP that’s due to the sound of your hands or body movement.
  3. Share your EVP. Have you captured what you believe to be good quality EVP? If so, think about sharing it with like-minded people. 


What is a past life?

A past life is just that, a past life.  It is a belief that we have lived as someone else in a different period of time, maybe in a different country.  

Past life regression

 Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation. Past-life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psychotherapeutic setting. 


Reincarnation is the rebirth of our soul into a new body.

Famous Past Lives

Dorothy Eady/Omm Sety


The story of Dorothy Eady is an interesting one.  She was born to Irish parents in January 1904 near London, England.  Her life began as that of any normal child.  That is – until the age of three – when she suffered a terrible fall down the stairs and was pronounced dead.

Some would say a miracle occurred that day, because Dorothy regained consciousness and within one hour was able to sit up in her bed.  But Dorothy was no longer the same girl who fell down those stairs – as her parents would soon discover.

 It was at the British museum in 1908 when Mr and Mrs Eady first noticed Dorothy’s strange behavior.  Instead of expecting a child who was bored and restless, Dorothy became obsessed with the Egyptian galleries.  As soon as Dorothy gazed upon the Egyptian artifacts, she began kissing the feet of the statues.  She eventually sat down at the foot of a mummy enclosed in a glass case and refused to be separated from it.   After her mother attempted to pick her up,  Dorothy was quoted as saying “Leave me here, these are my people!” 

 After this fateful trip Dorothy would have recurring dreams of columned buildings surrounded by rich vegetation.  She would at times get extremely sad and insist that her parents take her home.  Although her parents tried to reassure her that she was home, Dorothy never believed it.  A few months later, Dorothy came across some photographs of ancient Egypt.  She showed her mother the hieroglyphics and remarked that she knew this language, but had forgotten about it.  When she stumbled upon the photo of the “Temple of Seti the First at Abydos” she ran to her father and proclaimed “This is my home!  This is where I used to live!”  Finally her dreams of columned buildings lush with vegetation were making sense to her.  Dorothy was dreaming on Ancient Egypt as it may have appeared thousands of years ago.  She believed she had some kind of spiritual connection to ancient Egypt and even attended various groups dedicated to the study of reincarnation.  Although she was interested in this subject, she never agreed with their logic. Dorothy would spend her remaining teen years and early twenties learning everything she could about Egyptology. 

 In 1933, Dorothy would finally get her wish to return to Egypt after marrying an Egyptian named Abdel Maguid.  Once married, Abdel and Dorothy packed their bags and moved to Cairo.  Dorothy would soon give birth to a child that she insisted on naming Seti, after the 19th Dynasty Pharaoh.  Following Egyptian custom of not referring to the mother’s first name, she would now be known as Omm Sety. 

 According to the automatic writing of Omm Sety, she was born in ancient Egypt with the name Bentreshyt and raised as a priestess at the Temple at Kom El Sultan.  By the age of 14, the Pharaoh Seti fell in love with her and she became pregnant with his child.  Because she had made a vow of virginity as a priestess, she committed suicide to prevent Seti from being implicated for this taboo crime.  This devastated Seti and he vowed he would be with her again.  According to Omm Sety, this would become reality.  She explains in her diary that Seti would visit with her at night in what she described as spiritual romantic encounters.  She was overjoyed to recognize him as handsome man in his fifties.  According to Omm Sety, Seti planned to marry her when she joins him in Amentet – the Egyptian Underworld. 

George S Patton


So as through a glass and darkly, the age long strife I see,
Where I fought in many guises, many names, but always me.

It is not widely known that General George S. Patton was also a poet. The verses above, from his poem “Through A Glass Darkly,” is a statement of his belief that he had been reborn many times, always as a soldier. The poem describes how Patton fought in the Greek phalanx against the Persian Cyrus, as a Roman legionnaire, as a medieval warrior at Crecy, and as a sailor on a warship. Patton also remembered serving under Napoleon as a general.

An often repeated anecdote is cited to suggest that Patton may not have been imagining things. During World War I, his first assignment took him to Langres, France, an ancient Roman town he had never visited before. A French liaison officer offered to guide him around. To the officer’s surprise, Patton said he knew the place quite well and ended up giving the Frenchman a guided tour.

Patton gave the exact directions to find the Roman amphitheatre, the forum, and the temples to Mars and Apollo—despite some of the buildings’ no longer existing. Patton indicated the old military drill field and the place where Julius Caesar once pitched his tent. He explained to his startled companion that he had once served in Caesar’s 10th Legion.

Patton talked about fighting with Alexander the Great at Tyre, battling the invading Huns, being a Crusader, serving under Henry V at Agincourt, and being a Confederate soldier in the battles of Winchester and Gettysburg. “Old Blood and Guts” was adamant: “I damn well know there are places I’ve been before, and not in this life.”

Reborn as his own Grandson

A child remembers being his own grandfather


Gus Taylor was 18 months old when he started to say that he was his own grandfather. Young children can be confused about their own identity and those of their family members, but this was different. His grandfather had died a year before Gus was born and the boy totally believed they were the same person. When shown some family photographs, Gus identified “Grandpa Augie” when he was four years old.

There was a family secret that nobody had ever spoken about in front of or around Gus—Augie’s sister had been murdered and dumped in the San Francisco Bay. The family were perplexed when the four-year-old child started to talk about his dead sister. According to Gus, God gave him a ticket after he died. With this ticket he was able to travel through a hole, after which he came back to life as Gus.

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What is an Ouija Board

 A Ouija board, also known as a spirit board or talking board, is board and pointer used for divination and by some as a means to contact spirits or entities. The name comes from the French and German words for "yes," oui and ja (ja is mispronounced with a hard "j"). Critics of the Ouija, who include authorities in most denominations and sects of Western Religion, say it is dangerous and a tool of the Devil. Advocates say that it, like other forms of divination, is a legitimate means to discover insight, wisdom, and self-truths and to communicate with discarnate beings. 

How Does It Work

 A Ouija board contains letters, numbers and common words such as "yes," "no," and "goodbye." Users hold a device known as a planchette and allow the spirit to move it around the board. Ouija boards are believed to allow spirits of the dead to communicate with the living.

 The board includes letters of the alphabet, numerals 0 through 9, the words "yes" and "no," and a heart-shaped pointer on three felt-tipped legs. One or two people place their fingertips on the pointer, which moves to answer questions. In some cases answers probably rise up from the subconsciousness of the users, even when "spirits" identify themselves and give messages. 

How To Use The Board

 "Place the board upon the knees of two persons, lady and gentleman preferred, with the small table upon the board. Place the fingers lightly but firmly, without pressure, upon the table so as to allow it to move easily and freely. In from one to five minutes the tablet will commence to move, at first slowly, then faster, and will be then able to talk or answer questions, which it will do rapidly by touching the printed words or the letters necessary to form words and sentences with the foreleg or pointer.

2nd - Care should be taken that one person only should ask questions at a time, so as to avoid confusion, and the questions should be put plainly and accurately.

3rd - To obtain the best results it is important that the persons present should concentrate their minds upon the matter in question and avoid other topics. Have no one at the table who will not sit seriously and respectfully. If you use it in a frivolous spirit, asking ridiculous questions, laughing over it, you naturally get undeveloped influences around you.

4th - The Ouija is a great mystery, and we do not claim to give exact directions for its management, neither do we claim that at all times and under all circumstances it will work equally well. But we do claim and guarantee that with reasonable patience and judgment it will more than satisfy your greatest expectation."

5th - In putting the table together wet the tops of the legs, and drive them firmly into the table. Care should be taken that they are firm and tight. 6th - The board should be kept smooth and free from dust and moisture, as all depends upon the ease with which the feet of the table can glide over the surface of the board. Rubbing with a dry silk handkerchief just before use is advised.