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 Welcome to Shadows Beyond the Grave Paranormal with David Cutler
My name is David Cutler and I am from Chesterton, Indiana, home of the Indiana Dunes State Park,  and my partner in life and in the field is Wanda Mylant we are paranormal investigators based out of the State of Michigan.
When we created this website and group, we envisioned a wide variety of ideas and uses for our information, besides just educational purposes, we wanted to create a giant family of people that all share the same passion for the paranormal, hidden secrets, and things that have yet to be discovered.
We are a paranormal family and those who have joined our group have found a place to feel comfortable in sharing their experiences and stories of spiritual entities with others who understand and are genuinely interested in learning from each other.  Our team consists of paranormal investigators, psychic mediums, authors, historians, school teachers, nurses and many more in the professional field.
Our paranormal team researches and posts daily on a wide variety of topics, such as hauntings, Poltergeist, haunted items, Paranormal Investigators such as Ed and Lorraine Warren and Zack Bagans, Chip Coffey, Peter James,  Teresa Caputo and Kim Russo, Personal Experiences with entities, as well as spirit and apparition photography. We will also help to distinguish between the different types of hauntings and apparitions, and also the wide variety of tools that can be used on a paranormal investigation. Those are just a few examples of the vast array of topics that we cover and research.
We encourage you to participate and offer suggestions on topics of interest to you associated with your experiences and/or questions.
Myself and my team want to help you find some answers to all your paranormal questions, and our goal is to provide you with those answers. So once again we welcome you to our family, and we hope you enjoy your paranormal journey with us...

wanda Mylant, Amanda Morling, Toni Chandler



Wanda Mylant, co owner and Lead Researcher of Ghost House Paranormal   originally hails from Hartly, Delaware.  Her childhood home was haunted, giving her an interest in the paranormal and a passion for finding answers as to why and how these things happen.

Amanda Morling is from North Ayrshire Scotland. She is our Lead Researcher and Investigator in Shadows Beyond the Grave.  She has precognitive dreams and has investigated places for us such as Kilwinning Abbey.

Lead Researcher Toni Chandler, for our Nightmares Unsealed Files, takes another look into the paranormal of UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness.  She brings forward eyewitness accounts, photos, and scientific data collected on these things.  Toni resides in Lakeland, Florida.


Our team consists of people from all over the world, from many different occupations and walks of life. Our researchers not only find the history and probable causes of a haunting, they gather information such as photos, videos, EVPS, seek out eyewitnesses, conduct interviews, as well as try to find answers to those who seek them. 

We also have demonologists on our team, psychics, mediums, empaths, healers, all of whom work together for one common cause- to help you.

We have nine paranormal groups. Shadows Beyond the Grave is the mother group, with the remaining eight groups built around her. We also have twitters, instagrams, G+, you tube, to go with each of these groups. 

The groups all have their own description and cover different topics. You will always find what you're looking for.


Melissa Westra, Lead Investigator for Blood in the Ravens Eye.  She is from Columbus, Nebraska.  She has held an interest in the paranormal ever since she was a child, as well as being able to see spirits and ghosts.  She began her research when she joined the team.  

Peter Fox, Lead Investigator and Demonologist, runs the Dark Ages and Past Lives Paranormal group.  He is originally from Enfield, England and knows the Hodegson Family personally.  He now resides in Cambridge, England.  Ever since he was a young boy he has been able to sense and communicate with energies.  His interest is in the darker side of the paranormal as well as helping others deal with attachments and demonic hauntings.

 Rebekah Cunliffe lives in Huddersfield, England.  She has been able to sense and see spirits since she was a small child.  She is an empath, psychically gifted with psychometry.   


Cheryl Lynn Carter

 Cheryl Lynn Carter is originally from a suburb of Chicago near the infamous Bachelors Grove Cemetery. She now resides in Michigan near the Historic Fort Wayne Detroit of the Civil War era. She is an Author, Medium, Paranormal Researcher and EVP Specialist. She had her first paranormal experience when she was four. She is an ITC Application Tester for ITC Legion Applications. 


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